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~ Information for Entrants 2023 ~ TSDAV Dance Composers' Competition

*** All entries for the 2023 Competition to be received by 27th February, 2023 ***

The aim of this competition is to encourage the composition of good new Australian Social Dances.

Entries in the competition will compete for one of the following awards:

           Beat Klippel Memorial Trophy  - Dances suitable for general social dancing, including children’s dances

                VFMC Perpetual Trophy       - Dances suitable for more experienced dancers

The category of the dance can be nominated by the entrant, but this is not necessary as the category (and hence the award) will be at the discretion of the judges.

If there are more dances than can be judged in the time allotted, only short-listed dances will be judged at the competition.  The short-list will be provided by the TSDAV from accepted entries prior to the competition.

The judging panel will consist of three judges appointed by the TSDAV. All competition dances shall be called by a Dance Caller appointed by the TSDAV. The TSDAV shall require that suitable recorded music be provided by the entrant for each dance. The decision of the judging panel is final.


Conditions of Entry

  • Entries shall be a complete written description of the dance in the format below.
  • Each entry is to be the recent, original work of the entrant.
  • Only one entry per section shall be accepted from any entrant in any one year.
  • Music for each entry shall be supplied by the entrant in the form of CD or other recording.
  • Submission of a dance implies granting permission to the TSDAV, at its own discretion, to publish the dance and any original music for the dance at some future date.

Judging Criteria

  • Enjoyment of the dance.
  • Cohesion and flow of the dance.
  • Suitability of the music for the dance, including:
    •  Suitability of the style and speed of the music for the stepping,
    •  Accuracy and fit of the dance sections to the music sections (bar count, timing, etc.).
  • Ability of the ‘average’ dance musician to play music suitable for the dance.
  • Relevance as an Australian Social Dance.
  • Clarity, accuracy and reliability of the written instructions.
  • Originality of innovation of the dance.
  • Average time allocated for judging (teaching and dancing) for any one dance will be 10-15 minutes.
  • Maximum time allocated for judging (teaching and dancing) for any one dance will be 20 minutes.


Format of Written Submissions

All entries shall include the following:

  • Name of dance, composer and date of composition. Composer’s address, email and phone number.
  • Brief background of the dance (if any and/or if relevant).
  • Tradition inspiring the dance (e.g. Australian, Colonial, Irish etc.).
  • Initial formation.
  • Stepping required for the dance, or parts thereof.
  • Music: Length in BARS for once through the dance; type of music (Scottish reel, waltz, etc.) and format (e.g. AABB)
  • Speed of music (e.g. 46-48 bars per minute), number of repeats (if relevant).
  • Instructions are to be clear, complete and unambiguous.  Short calls should be underlined if included.
  • Bar counts are to be EITHER:
    • o Number of bars since the start of the dance, in the left hand column (e.g. Scottish Country Dance books),   OR
    • o Number of bars for each section at the end of that section (e.g. Shirley Andrews’ books).
  • Diagrams (if supplied) are to be clearly labelled.

All entries for the 2023 Dance Composers' Competition to be received

at the following address by 27th February, 2023:

   by email to -

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