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2020 Dance Comp. - call for entries

. > > > > > Call for ENTRIES - Closing Date - 20th Feb. 2020 - .
We are seeking entries, in two categories, to this year's competition, which will again be judged at the National Folk Festival (@ Easter in Canberra).
The 'featured States' are the NSW, & Qld. jointly, so we are suggesting dance entries
with a themed connection (either by virtue of name, inspiration or dedication etc.)
- although this is not a condition of entry !
Entries are judged in either of TWO categories: 'General' OR 'suitable for more experienced dancers'.
Entries should be received by George Ansell by 20th February 2020.
 via - email:
It is really important for all entrants to obtain a copy of the Rules and Conditions of the competition either from below, the above email address, OR by phoning George Ansell on 03 9890 5650,