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Be My Valentine & Flirtation Reel

~ dance instructions ~

Be My Valentine

- Ted Sannella

Becket formation; anticlockwise progression

A1       M: LHTurn (in four steps), give RH to P and Balance the line; Swing Partner

A2       Circle Left;    Star Right

B1       full Ladies Chain, ending with a quarter turn more

B2       Promenade up or down the set (neutral couples joining in here), turn as couples

Promenade back past the couple you were with to progress on to the next.



Flirtation Reel

Tony Parkes

Improper contra

A1       Down the hall four in line; turn alone and come back. (end facing neighbour.)

A2       Hey for 4: begin passing R shoulder with neighbour.

B1       Gypsy with neighbour;     Swing neighbour. (end facing across the set.)

B2       Long Lines: Forward & Back;     1s Swing partner in the centre.

(end facing down, between next couple.)