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NFF Heritage Ball 2018

A "Victorian" Heritage Ball ~ Program & Dance Instructions (Music & Dances sourced from the 'Featured States')
File application/srgs Heritage Ball Program
NFF 2018 Ball Program
File PS document Video clips
a list of YouTube links for the 2018 NFF Heritage Ball (where available)
File Jessie's Mountain
Big Circle, progressive. Ballroom version, with slow Grand Chain
File Aussie Soldier's Joy
Couple facing Couple
File The CHOGM Pentrille
5 Couple 'circle'
File Lucian's Waltz
Couples, progressive (big circle)
File Genevieve's Jig
3 facing 3, ie progressive lines of 3
File The New Fitzroy Quadrille
5 figure Quadrille (familiar figures) Devised to commemorate the opening of the Fitzroy Pavilion as the new major dance venue at the 2011 National Folk Festival.
File Plain Text Broken River Reel
6 couple longways set
File The Melbourne Waltz
3 couple longways set
File Colonials Quadrille
Square set, 48 bar version
File Beaumaris Bay
Longways set / Duple Minor (Welsh)
File application/rls-services+xml The Sandhurst Diggers
4 Couple, longways (Scottish)
File Clover-Leaf Quadrille
Square set, Waltz
File application/java-serialized-object Round the House & Mind the Dresser
Couple facing Couple (Irish)
File The Peter Ellis Waltz
Couple facing Couple
File The Speedy Quadrille
Square set, NB figures #2 & #4 only
File Windmills
4 Couple, longways (Scottish/Australian)
File Chain Double Quadrille
2 Couples facing 2 Couples, ie progressive lines of 4
File Tudor Waltz
File Celebration Waltz
Big Circle, progressive