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The Dance Instructions

contains all the dance notations, & available video links
File The Book Exchange
3 couple circles ~ a scatter mixer
File The Dip & Dive Quadrille
4 couple square (48b) ~aka "Redwing"
File chemical/x-kinemage The Viking's Sheepskin
3 couple longways (48b) ~ with partial 'sheepskin hey' YES ! You really do need to know a Sheepskin Hey for this dance !
File Postie's Jig
4 couple longways - alternative to "Daryl's Double Posties"
File Double Postie's Jig
4 couple longways - advanced alternative to 'Postie's Jig' ~ aka Daryl’s Double Postie’s ~ (ie devised by Daryl Powell OAM)
File Domino Five
a 5 person dance - arranged as per the dice face ! (reels of 3, & 3 person stars)
File Troff document Devil's Maggot
ie 'The Devil's Favorite' - a 3 part Playford style dance in a Duple minor setting, with a triple progression !
File object code Bonnie Cuckoo
4 couple longways, (32b) Waltz
File Yellow Cab Jig
progressive big circle (32b) - aka Yellow Cat's Jig
File The Silver Grey
3 couple longways (32b) - strathspey & reel
File The Percolator
5 couple longways (32b)
File The Sweets of May
4 couple square - Irish, with long 7s & short 3s !
File Turning by Threes
3 couple circle (32b) Waltz
File Octet Stream Trip to Bavaria
4 couple longways (32b) Scottish, for those that don't know the 6 couple alternative
File Double Bavarian
6 couple longways - (32b) Scottish, ~ PLEASE NOTE that the correct name for Arthur Kingsland's 6 C version of 'Trip to Bavaria' is "BAVARIAN DOUBLE" ~
File Festival Interceltique
big circle (40b) - OR 9 C's for syncopated adaption
File Grevillea Grove
4 couple longways (32b) a 'Strip-the-Willow' dance
File The Baker's Wife
8 couple 'circular Strip-the-Willow' - alternative to Grevillea Grove, for those that will !
File Star Trek
32b Contra dance: Becket Formation, clockwise progression
File The CHOGM Pentrille
5 couple ring ("Pentrille") (64b) - driven by 1st C.
File Genevieve's Jig
3 facing 3, progressive (32b)
File Mairi's Wedding
4 couple longways (40b) - Scottish
File Swedish Progressive Waltz
big circle progressive (32bW) - similar to the 'Circle Waltz'