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Rowan Webb

VALE: Rowan Webb
            I first got to know Rowan when he was playing with Mike Jackson, Tony Suttor et al, in Higgins Municipal Bush Band, and singing with Pageant (ACT). After he moved to Melbourne, he became a great support & mentor to the Colonial Dancers.
    He had talked to me of his wish to leave his body/skeleton to science, and this endeavour, thwarted by “red tape”, was the subject of a recent ABC “Science Show”. A subsequent program reported that he had achieved his dying wish. Rowan succumbed to colon cancer soon after.    
    He will be greatly missed by the many who knew him.

        Mulga Wire (Oct 2010) features a lovely photo of Rowan, Tony & Roger Holmes singing together at last year’s NFF.               
Tribute by Norm Ellis.